8:30 - 18:30


David Muñoz - Lean Expert and P&I architect at Airbus Defence & Space

Silvia Pascual García - Lean Expert and P&I architect atAirbus Defence & Space

Venue: Airbus Defence & Space


Hoshin Kanri, also known as Hoshin Planning, Objective Cascade or Policy Deployment, is a technique that enables the company’s vision to be translated into objectives and actions for all functions and at all levels.

Airbus began using Hoshin Kanri in late 2013 with the purpose to achieve alignment across all functions and levels. Perfecting the application of Hoshin Kanri over the past 4 years, Airbus team will reveal how they achieved transition from the classical management style (by objectives) to new and improved “management by improvements” style, enabled by Hoshin Kanri.

At this training participants will receive an overview of Hoshin Kanri and experience how the waste resulting from inconsistent direction and poor communication can be eliminated. The second part of the training will be dedicated to the use of Hoshin Kanri and how you can develop a 3 to 5-year improvement strategy aligned with company’s values and vision.

The participation at the workshop includes:
  • Visit of Airbus Commercial and Airbus Defence & Space’s sites
  • Networking lunch
  • Training Hoshin Kanri into practice
  • Networking tapas after the training


David Muñoz is currently Lean Expert and P&I architect at AIRBUS Defence & Space. After 6 years working in Lean Manufacturing and Lean Engineering at Airbus Commercial, David started a new journey deploying Lean at Airbus DS and in the last 4 years has been focus on Lean Management and strategy in Programs, Engineering, Procurement, Quality and Manufacturing.

In his current role he is leading the missions in the task force in Military Aircraft for giving solutions to the main problems identified across the Business Lines. In the other side acting as responsible of aligning Lean strategy for Airbus DS subsidiaries as well as leader of benchmarking on Lean with other companies.

David Muñoz holds a M. Eng. in Industrial Engineering and is also currently Associate Professor of Lean Fundamentals as well as tutor of Ph.D. at UAM University.


Silvia Pascual is currently Lean Expert and P&I architect at AIRBUS Defence & Space. After 5 years working as Aeronautical System Engineer, Silvia started in 2012 working in Lean Engineering and currently, she is supporting continuous and business transformation in areas as Quality, Manufacturing, Programs and Procurement.

She is responsible for identifying improvement opportunities and takes the accountability of specific End to End Missions within Military Aircraft. As part of her role, she offers specific solutions based on lean methods, tools and practices and also leads the management of the Missions.

In addition, Silvia is responsible for the deployment of Hoshin Kanri to establish the Strategic objectives and Projects of the organization. Also, she supports transversal activities as processes harmonization and knowledge sharing.

Silvia Pascual holds a Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, a M. Eng. in Industrial Engineering and a Master in Systems Engineering.